All of my pre-drawn flash designs are one-and-done. There will be others similar to it but each one is unique. Once a design is claimed and the deposit is paid, that design is no longer available. NONE OF MY DESIGNS MAY BE TATTOOED BY ANYONE BUT ME. THIS IS ART THEFT AND IS IN NO WAY FLATTERING OR JUSTIFIED. All flash is AS-IS, which means no changes will be made to the linework of the design. I will take into consideration want/need for color changes (unless otherwise listed), but please let me know of this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE within the booking process!
Deposit Policy
How to Book
Flash Peices
1. You MUST put down a deposit to book any appointment with me. If you’re looking to claim a flash piece, it is not yours until the deposit is paid. If you’re booking a custom piece, I do not start drawing the design until the deposit has been paid. Your deposit also guarantees the date and time you select for your appointment. Your deposit is subtracted from the amount you owe the day of your appointment. 2. ALL DEPOSITS ARE ABSOLUTELY 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you give me the deposit, you are locked in. Your deposit is also NON-TRANSFERABLE. Please be very sure of the design you want before booking! 3. You can reschedule your appointment twice without putting down a new deposit. You must, however, let me know at least two days in advance. 4. If you don’t show up to your appointment, you forfeit your deposit and will have to put down a new one in order to book with me again. If you are over fifteen minutes late, you may have to reschedule but I will discuss this on a situational basis. If you no-call, no-show on a weekend date (Fridays and Saturdays), you will have to pay the entire amount of the tattoo in full to book with me again. 5. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE WHATSOEVER WITH YOUR TATTOO PLEASE COME DISCUSS IT WITH ME DIRECTLY. I take a lot of pride in my work and my clients’ happiness is my #1 GOAL. This is my career and while it is my passion, I will put my feelings aside to help resolve any issue.
Custom Work
I am always interested in and happy to create a custom design if you have something special in mind! You can e-mail or DM me at any time to book. Here is a list of items I need from you to help get the design process started: 1. A brief description of what you want tattooed. This can include reference images if need be! The more you send me, the easier it’ll be to create something that works for both of us! 2. A prospective size in inches. This does not have to be exact but having a rough size will help. 3. Your preferred budget if you have one. 4. An image of the body part you want tattooed. Please make sure the image is in natural light and relatively clear. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I DO NOT DRAW CUSTOM DESIGNS UNTIL USUALLY ABOUT TWO OR THREE DAYS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT!